Dustin: U-Turn To God

Prior to coming to Faith Farm, I was at the lowest part of my life. I was incomplete. I was no longer in touch with reality, and I had lost the will to live an honest and clean life. I had burnt the bridges of the ones that I love; the ones that were the most important to me, over and over again. I was so wrapped up in my addiction I didn’t care about anything or anyone else; only my self-gratification.

The sickest thing is that I thought that everything was going to get better. But as we all know, it always gets worse. This is the truest definition of insanity if there ever was one.

I was so focused on myself that I neglected that fact that my 7-year-old son was watching his dad completely self-destruct. It’s a sad thing. As a child, I watched my father do the same; destroy himself.

Addiction has plagued the men in my family for over 3 generations. Recently though, I learned about this generational curse. I learned the only way to break these chains is to grab ahold of Jesus Christ and never let go.

One of the hardest things for me in beating these poor choices that I’ve made is built on self-condemnation for the bad decisions.

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is anew creature and all things have passed away, and all things have become new.

I don’t have to be tangled up in that bondage any longer. Jesus went to the cross and took care of that for me. He made me feel worthy again. And it’s an awesome feeling to know that Jesus Christ has my back no matter what. I know that if I keep Jesus number one in my life, all things will fall into place. If I go back to try to take control; put myself before Christ, the inevitable will happen.

This is the most important thing that I have learned: Go through Jesus Christ for all of the decisions that I make for my future. If I couldn’t control my life, and no one else could, what else is left but to trust precious Jesus.

Jesus has changed my life, one hundred percent. When I got here, I was a lost soul looking for help. I had to fully surrender and tell myself to put it in Jesus’ hands. He has taken control of my life, and He has worked miracles.

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