Michael: U-Turn To God

I knew first-hand the negative effects and consequences that gripped many generations of my family. It was a curse. Any minor run-ins with the law were alcohol fueled.

After graduating high school, I entered the Army to escape the alcohol and drug-fueled environment. While serving in the military, I was losing more friends back home to overdoses and drug-related crimes than those I was serving within the Army.

After my enlistment, I returned to Long Island and met my wife, whom I’d be married to for over 30 years. Her encouragement and support kept me focused and on track for the better things life had to offer. Together, and with God, we raised 3 healthy children. I knew the importance of keeping my children close to the church family; having values, structure, and discipline. My entire focus was my family. I was able to break the generational curse of substance abuse once and for all.

I was clean and sober for over 30 years, until that dreadful day in 2007 when I had my neck broken and was introduced to pain pills. I took them daily for 3 years, still functioning as a mental health counselor, teaching crisis intervention in 3 HCA area hospitals, running groups, and tasked with supervision of clients.

I was an addict and everyone knew it. I lost my job at Columbia Hosptial in the Pavilion of over 20 years, my 30 years of marriage, the respect and trust of my children, my parents, brothers, and sisters; and the final kicker, not being able to be with my grandchildren.

Now, being alone and far from reality, I picked up my first drink. It was a spiral down to hell. It was like dropping a brick. I was a walking dead man, prisoner within my own mind. DTs, hallucinations, delusions, you name it. I knew, during a brief moment of clarity, that God would be the only one to restore my sanity and my life. I called Faith Farm.

Intake suggested detox, then rehab. After 30 days, I began calling Faith Farm every day. Each day I phoned, he’d say call twice on this day, once on that. I was obedient, and he let me in. Since being at Faith Farm, God has restored my relationship with my family. Restoration of my mind has occurred. The HOly SPirit now resides within my soul. I have a purpose and a God-given plan. I will be a testimony to the brothers just coming over “the bridge.” I will give back that which was freely given to me. I will be loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. His will be done!

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