Patrick: U-Turn to God

Before I came to Faith Farm, all I had were the clothes on my back and a family out there somewhere who loved me and prayed. I was lost and did not love myself. I did not know God. I was living a life of darkness and sin.

As far back as I can remember, my father was an alcoholic. I grew up without him in my life, and I did not know what it was like to have a dad. My mom raised me, my two brothers, and my sister as a single mother. We lived in a middle-class neighborhood, and he worked hard to provide for us all.

I was introduced to alcohol and marijuana at a young age. I was 12-years-old when I had my first drink and smoked my first joint. Starting from there, I began to party. It started out as a weekend thing, and then I began to use every day. My using and the influence it had on me caused me to get into fights and act out a lot in school. I made it as far as the 9th grade in high school, where I failed my first year. My 2nd year as a freshman, I was expelled for fighting. I got sent to an alternative school and dropped out of school when I was 16-years-old. After that, my life involved a lot of trouble. I sold marijuana and was arrested for the first time when I was 17-years-old.

I was placed on probation. I continued to drink and smoke weed, and I violated my probation because I failed to pass a drug test. At 18, my probation officer sent me to my first rehab. I did not want to be there and was in denial at the time. I could not admit to having a problem. I left the program, went back to using, and failed to complete my probation. I continued to get into trouble and had been in and out of jail. I was court ordered to a f ew other residential treatment programs and could not control myself. It only got worse.

I could not use socially. I was not an occasional user. I had become a full-blown alcoholic. I got drunk for a living. I could not keep a job because I was either too hung over to show up, or I was in jail because I did something wrong while I was drunk.

At that time, I feel I ahd reached my rock bottom. I lost my place to live and became homeless. I ate out of dumpsters, went to soup kitchens to eat and bathed in canals or under water hoses. I was living a miserable life. I was depressed all the time.

In 2008, one of my best friends was a student at the Ft. Lauderdale Faith Farm campus. He found out I was homeless. He got a hold of me through another friend of mine. He would pray for me over the phone. Through him, God convinced me to surrender my life over to him.

On April 10, 2008,  I went to Faith Farm and gave my life to Christ. God has directed my heart and my life through the leaders at Faith Farm in Ft. Lauderdale. I was given opportunities and received miracles I never imagined were possible for my life. The journey was not easy. I stayed at Faith Farm for a total of 3 years and 4 months. In that time, with God’s help, I became a Servant Leadership Student, I got my GED, and I went to Atlantic Technical Center to learn a trade and become an electrician. I got my first driver’s license.

I now have my own car and a job in my trade working as an apprentice. I am learning every day and getting the experience I need in order to achieve one of my goals of becoming a licensed journeyman electrician.

God has also blessed me with the most amazing woman in my life. We are happily married. She is my best friend and the love my life. Together we attend church and put Jesus Christ first in our lives and marriage.

To achieve all these things, I set goals for myself and I worked very hard to accomplish each one, one by one. The most important thing was that I trusted God and had faith that he would provide those things for my life.

Since my time as a student at Faith Farm Ministries, I have celebrated my 4th year as a born again Christian. I continue to visit the farm and share my testimony as a good servant of the Lord. I am working hard every day and go to church every week.


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