Adrienne: U-Turn to God

Something very important I have learned during my journey of building a relationship with God is that God’s plan has never changed for y life. It is my decision whether or not I choose to obey and follow the path God has destined for me. Because God is such a “gentle-man” and does not force us, He allows us free will. Like me, you may have chosen the wrong path long ago, ignoring the road signs of death and destruction along the way. Since God is a forgiving, loving, and merciful gentleman, should I fall short and react wrongly, I can still choose to follow Him the rest of the way. In His mercy, He will bless and honor my choice. It is never too late to follow God’s lead in a crisis.

God’s plan never changes. We can always choose that narrow path of His will for our life. The way that seems the easier, softer way is not necessarily the right way. My dad always said, “We are smart if we learn from our own mistakes. But, we are really smart if we learn from other people’s mistakes.”

I came to Faith Farm out of desperation. I was in recovery for almost 2 years when I relapsed, gave up and then overdosed. From there, I went to a detox center in Tallahassee, Florida. I was tired and lost in the wilderness when I decided to call my uncle, who is a graduate of the program and now works at Faith Farm’s Okeechobee campus. I put off entering the women’s ministry at Faith Farm and ended up in jail with 3 drug charges.

I believe God rescued me, yet another time, from my self-destructive behavior and my fruitless life. From jail, I called my uncle and told him I needed help. I told him I would do anything if he would get me out. He and my aunt came, but only on one condition; that I go to Faith Farm.

I decided I was now running out of options and in a lot of trouble. I now know God will do what He has to do in order to get our attention. We can resist and just make it harder on ourselves.

God gave me four beautiful children: two girls and two boys. The past 6 years, I have been a part-time mother and a part-time child of God. He has always wanted me to have a full and complete relationship with Him, so that I can teach my children to have a relationship with Him. The time I have spent here has equipped me for this and any other “calling” the Father has on my life.

The past 9 months have been the hardest of my entire life, but also some of the best times of my life. It has been a spiritual battle within myself and against all my fleshly desires. Completing this program is definitely a miracle of God! I could not have done this in my own strength. I daily surrender my life and humble myself before God and His will for my life.

I have a long way to go. Several obstacles and temptations lie ahead for this next season in my life. Now I stand firm on the Word of God and hold tightly to His almighty hand.

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