Levi: U-Turn to God

I came here mentally, physically, and financially broken. I came with a promise to myself and my mom; that I would leave here mentally, physically, and spiritually stronger. God blessed me with every opportunity to do so.

I believe I was led here to Faith Farm by God through a prayer I sent out a couple of weeks prior to winding up in Pinellas County Jail. I asked God to please get me away from this chokehold that my addiction was causing on my life, because I was running out of options. By this time, I had been contemplating ending my life.

God answered my prayer while I was in jail. I was still in medical for my withdrawal from opiates. A young man sat up as I was walking back to my bed – a young man I had never met before. he asked me if I believed in God. I answered, “Yes!” He then told me to take down the information to Faith Farm Ministries.

It was not until around Class 2 when I began to learn who God is, what Jesus stood for, and the amazing power of the Trinity as a whole. On February 17, I was baptized; finally becoming dead to sin and alive to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The following week, I received my results from the local health department and found out I tested positive for hepatitis B. The nurse told me I was still infected from 2008, and since I was never treated, it’s now considered chronic.

Just a couple of weeks prior, we had a guest speaker named Santos give his testimony, and I remember him mentoring that he was healed of his hepatitis without treatment by putting his faith in God. Therefore, once I found out I still had hepatitis for the second time, I began praying for help and standing in Church, whenever prayer for healing was offered.

On March 1st I went to the medical center in town to give blood in order to begin treatment.The following week, I returned for my results. I was called into the doctor’s office expecting the worst. Reading my results, the doctor began to look at me. Puzzled, she said she wished half the people that came into her office had results as healthy as mine. She said I was not going to need any treatment. There was no sign of hepatitis B in my bloodwork anymore.

That day, I learned just how awesome God is. I am truly thankful that my prayer was answered. God showed me just how powerful His healing and redemptive hands are. I came here teetering on foreclosure of my home, in debt, and an addict. Also, I was in fear that I had blown any chance of ever owning and operating my dad’s air conditioning company.

I am thankful for the redemptive power of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, and anticipate living my life through His guidance and will.

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