Timothy: U-Turn to God

My early years involved great experiences with the Lord and in the faith. My parents raised me in the ministry as they went to Bible College, attended multiple missionary journeys and pastored a church. I learned much about how a Christian man should walk through my father, as he supported our primarily homeless congregation through his profession as a CPA. Despite my upbringing, I went through the majority of my youth without the ability to fit in with my peers. I turned to drug use in order to gain and maintain friendships and sense of belonging. This changed for a time when i started turning my life and will back over to Christ’s care and control.

I met a woman. I was convinced I would spend the rest of my life with her and we quickly married. I have 2 sons with her, whom God has used mightily in my life and many times saved me from myself. Everything fell apart in the marriage; and I found myself at Faith Farm, while pursuing a certificate of divorce on the grounds of marital infidelity. I chose to leave 4 weeks before graduation as she had fled the state, leaving my children with my parents. I recall sitting in the audience at what would have been my own graduation. I was still totally broken and had not completely surrendered to God. One thing I did that day was give her back over to the Lord as I placed my wedding ring in the offering basket during the service

I would spend the next year trying to get my life back together without really confronting my sin. This is where my will and my path led me: sitting for sixty days in county jail, facing state prison for breaking into my own parents’ home. I kidnapped the son my parents knew and made him susceptible to every kind of demonic influence imaginable.

After this experience, I recommitted my life to God and the call of the ministry I had received at a young age. I was admitted to Faith Farm and was assured of a year or more prison sentence as part of a plea agreement.

Being here this time around, I have experienced the inner healing required to mend the wounds left by an adulterous spouse, and to get through the bitterness that sprouted after I burned out and walked away from the ministry. While here at Faith Farm, I had been living in deception; having a form of Godliness, but denying the power thereof. Professing myself to be wise, I became one of the fools. My foolishness in sin had overtaken me.

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