Mikhail: U-Turn to God

I was born and raised in Russia. I got involved with organized crime at the age of 14. I had everything I wanted – money, cars, women, and drugs. I thought I was happy. By the age of 18, I’d been stabbed, shot at twice and I was facing a long prison sentence. I wanted to get away from everything. My mom lived in Florida, so I decided to come to the United States.

In 2001, I moved to Florida to get a fresh start. I got a job and started to live a normal life. After a while, I gave up, on the whole having a job idea and started selling drugs. I had everything, but I was miserable. During these years, I’ve totaled a few cars, got two DUIs and other numerous arrests. I finally got arrested for trafficking cocaine. By having a good lawyer, my charges were lessened to a possession charged. I was sentenced to the Palm Beach County Sherriff’s Drug Farm, followed by a halfway house and a few years of probation.

While on probation, I went to the doctor and got roxys, xanax, and somas. I was using and my probation could not violate me. I quit my job because I was making more money selling drugs. My last girlfriend left me because she was scared for her life. She didn’t know was going to come through the door – cops, feds, or someone to rob or kill us. My life was out of control. I was living in hotels. I was depressed and tired of life. I was trying to kill myself by shooting large amounts of pills, crack, and powder cocaine. I could not stand the person I’d become.

I was desperate. I came to Faith Farm because I wanted to change. Since being here, I found out who God is and developed a relationship with Him. I started to read the Bible and realized that I broke all of God’s commandments. I now know that I was addicted to sin. I got baptized and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Now I live in peace with myself.

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