Stewart: U-Turn to God


The destruction all started when I was 10. My best friend was killed in a DUI auto accident. I never could get over it. Age 12, I started drinking; age 13 smoking pot; age 14 was cocaine; age 15 dealing drugs and leaving home, never to return. Living on the edge, I had become a very violent person, hurting anyone who got in my way.

Coming from upstate New York and moving to Florida in 1993, I thought the move would change my life, not realizing I needed to change the inside of me before I could make the new outside work. I thought I was doing the right thing; working, not using cocaine, but still drinking and smoking pot. I went 7 years without using cocaine. Then it happened! I had a full-blown relapse.

During surgery for a broken back, I received 6 screws, 2 rods, and a titanium cage in my back. I was mad at the world and God. Why me? My mom told me that God has His reasons for all things to happen. Well, I was pretty mad at God. Four months after surgery; in 2004, my ex-wife caught me using cocaine. It was over. I left home only to get on the super-highway to hell.

I continued to get high until I ran out of money and picked up eight felonies and three misdemeanors. Off to jail I went, praise God! I spent ten months there still fighting the urge to use. God introduced me to some good people who told me, “Only God can set you free from the life that you are living.” It was suggested to me to go to Faith Farm Ministries. “That is where you will find what you need,” said Pastor Al and Counselor Nolli. I defeated the odds with the charges brought against me. I realized that I could have done 47 years in prison. It could by God at work – no money, no one to help me, except God.

After about a month of not being very nice to my fellow students, the pastor – my hero – sat me down. He let me know what time it was and asked if I wanted to continue with my program. He told me to stop trying to fix my life; God has already fixed it through the gift of His son, Jesus, and when I am ready to receive the grace He died for, my life would begin to change.

Two months later, a staff member approached me on a Monday morning and said, “I have a message for you. Your ex-wife called and said she was coming on Wednesday to pick you up to see your children!” I dropped to my knees in the hallway and cried uncontrollably for at least thirty minutes. God was delivering on the promise Pastor told me about.

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